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Next blockchain trend and application

World Blockchain Summit – Kuala Lumpur

The Would Blockchain Summit Speaker and Keynote opinion on the next blockchain trend and application. For 2019 will on regulating cryptocurrency, not too much on ICO (Initial Coin Offer) but STO (Secure Token Offer) and blockchain application in halal foods.

  1. TAN SINGH-JIT, Senior Councillor of PIKOM & Founder/Principal Consultant of IronHorse Asia Sdn Bhd
  2. RENE BERNARD, President of ACCESS Blockchain Association
  3. ANDREW PAL, Chief Strategy Officer (APAC) of GSX Group
  4. ATTY. EDWIN ALDEN V. UY, CEO of Sino-Phil Economic Zone DAX Management (SPEZA)
  5. Cris D. Tran, Director of QRC plc

Chinese Release : 下一个区块链的趋势与应用

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